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1000/6.3 Nikkor Mirror 

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Introduced in 1959, the 1000/6.3 was Nikon's first mirror lens, and the first mirror telephoto made in Japan.  Originally made for the Nikon Rangefinder, it was soon available in Nikon F mount as well. For years it was also the fastest standard production 1000mm lens. Decades later, it was exceeded by the Zeiss 1000/5.6 mirror lens.
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With and without the rather ample lens hood.

  The 1000/6.3 came complete with:

It is a HUGE lens. The lens and the case weighs 40 pounds!

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The topside includes carrying handles, and a peep site to help aim the lens.

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Focusing was accomplished with a bellows.   Notice the round dial on the right, which rotated the built in filters.

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The left pic shows the lens assembled for storage inside it's metal case.  A "salad bowl" cap is clipped onto the rear of the lens, the lens hood is reversed, and the leather lens cap fits over the hood.

Total 1000/6.3 production in Nikon Rangefinder mount  was about 45 units. The first lens was number 100630 or 100631.  The last reported lens is # 100680.   Total production in  F mount was about 60 units. The first F mount lens was 631000 and the last reported lens is # 631056.     The first 10 or so 1000/6.3's in NRF mount were all black. Production then shifted to a light gray crinkle paint.  A very few may have been made in Bronica mount.  See 1000/6.3 in Nikon Rangefinder Mount

Even though F mount production slightly exceeded Rangefinder production, the F mount version is harder to find than you might expect. Apparently a lot of the F mount 1000/6.3's were sold to the US military and never survived their ordeal.

The 1000/6.3 was important to Nikon.   Besides showing Nikon's optical innovation, the 1000/6.3 anchored the long end of their telephoto lineup AND showed Nikon's commitment to the special needs of professional photographers.

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