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Placing Orders and FAQ 

CameraQuest is a Voigtlander USA Distributor  

Email or Paypal to   [email protected]   Phone 818-879-1968 Los Angeles


Open Monday to Friday 9 to 3 PM Pacific Time except holidays

3 PM cutoff for shipments going out that day 

Is CameraQuest the World's Largest Camera Store ?

With a total of two employees, not quite.

  Grading Scale   Return Policy   Warranty on NEW Voigtlander   TERMS of Sale


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30 Day Return Policy On Most Items - No Restocking Fee

NEW or USED, If you don't like what you have bought  FOR ANY REASON,  just return it within 30 days of receipt.  You will get a  refund of the purchase price without no restocking fee.  The item and its factory packaging must be safely received back in the same NEW condition as it was shipped -- otherwise no return.   Let me know that you are returning the item to arrange tracking.  See TERMS OF SALE for more details.

USED ITEMS: I check all items before putting them out for sale, and also when I ship them out to make sure they are in working condition.  I check used camera shutters and meters to make sure they are approximately accurate, i.e. I check them by eye to make sure the shutter works at all speeds, that each speed is definitely different from the next, and I make sure the meter gives the correct exposure outdoors.    I do not check each camera shutter and meter on calibration equipment.

THE EXCEPTION to this Return Policy are SPECIAL ORDER items acquired at your request (which are sold specifically without return or refund privileges) OR items marked NO RETURN on the product shopping cart page.

NEW Cosina Voigtlander USA Warranty

CameraQuest is a Cosina Voigtlander USA Distributor.  New Voigtlander products are sold with the one year  Voigtlander USA warranty.  See Voigtlander USA Warranty Details.   Used Voigtlander items do not have a warranty unless specifically advertised as such.

Mailing Address

Stephen Gandy

1336 Moorpark Rd,  Box 184

Thousand Oaks, CA   91360-5224  USA

(make sure you use write "Box 184" -- "PO Box" will go to the wrong address!)

Orders are considered placed when payment is received.  It's a big internet, many people can ask questions or show interest.  The person who makes payment first gets it.   

Prices are in US DOLLARS only.  California law requires 9.5% sales tax for shipments within California only.

Mistakes: If it can be made, I have probably already made it. If I haven't made it, my subconscious is undoubtedly searching for it and will make it. Nevertheless, I correct my mistakes as quickly as possible. I am not out to take advantage of you in some way. The world is too small a place for that.

Likewise, I will not honor the occasional pricing error which might turn up due to clerical errors.  They are rare, but they can happen.  

USED: What Grading Scale?   

I  Grade Used Items Cosmetically:

New -- Unused in the original factory box

Mint has next to no wear on item, but has (presumably) been used, almost the same as New

Mint- Still a very clean and beautiful piece, shows signs of very slight  wear, usually very minor scratches or wear marks.

Excellent ++ Very clean, but a few more wear marks than Mint-.  This is still a very nice camera or lens in collectible condition

Excellent + Shows slight wear, but item still taken care of and not abused

Excellent Item shows average wear, brassing. It has been used.

Very Good  Items shows a lot of wear, usually brassing and lots  of marks/scratches

All items, unless otherwise stated, are in good working order.

Optics are described separately from cosmetics.   Sometimes you can have a worn lens with near mint glass, or a mint lens with damaged glass.

Working condition and defects, such as dents or engravings, are described separately.

Inevitably no one will agree with anyone ALL the time on grading. Please understand that although mistakes might occur, no intent is made to mislead. It's much easier and faster to do it right the first time than to disappoint customers.    All items are in working condition unless otherwise stated.

Special Conditions such as engravings, dents, deep or large scratches, are described in addition to the above terms.

USED Cameras: Each used item is inspected when it is listed in inventory, and again before it is shipped.  Dealing with used cameras decades old, it is possible something can stop working between the time it was bought, and the time it is sold months later.    Used cameras and lenses are checked to see that the controls work smoothly, the shutters work, the glass is clean and un-damaged, and that the meters work.  Unless the camera is overhauled (it would be listed as such),   the shutter speeds and meter  calibrations are not checked on repair equipment.    I do make sure the range of shutter speeds are accurate and changing at least to the eye, and that the meter is accurate to the f/16 sunny day rule (bright sunlight, the meter should show f/16 at 1/ASA shutter speed).    The exception to this are cameras / lenses listed for sale with various defects.   For all of that, if something is not right, we can try to work it out, or you may return it, see the return policy below.

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