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24 Valley Drive, Randolph, New Jersey 07869 USA

The Zeiss Historica Society is the leading international association of those interested in the people, products and history of the Carl Zeiss optical works. Our interests include the entire  gamut of products developed by Zeiss through the last century and a half, encompassing, in addition to the firm’s manifold photographic involvements, industrial and medical optics, binoculars, astronomical telescopes, and of the Zeiss companies.

And we are also interested in the subordinate companies, most importantly Zeiss Ikon, the
camera making affiliate, as well as Schott (the world famous glass maker), Deckel and
Gauthier (Compur and Prontor shutters), Hensoldt (cameras, lenses, and binoculars.) While
many of our members are collectors, others are researchers, students, and users of Zeiss
equipment – the finest optical products the world has ever known – in all fields. In short, we are
far more than simply another fan club or camera association.

Benefits of membership include:
• A copy of a listing of Zeiss Ikon catalogue numbers, a publication vital to researchers and
collectors and not otherwise available – copies have sold recently on eBay for over $100;
• Our journal, Zeiss Historica, the definitive historical text in its field, a semi-annual
publication with articles on a broad range of topics reflecting and appealing to the entire scope
of our members' interests;
• access to a restricted part of out website where members’ contact information and interests
are kept;
• the index of all articles published in previous issues of Zeiss Historica;
• access to copies of all previously printed material in our archives;
• an annual bonus, normally a reprint of a Zeiss publication of historical interest.

We hold an Annual Meeting in North America and an occasional meeting in Europe. The North
American meeting is generally held in the late autumn in the Northeast region of the USA,
closest to the largest concentration of our members.

Several of our members maintain databases of Zeiss equipment, including our past-president,
Charles Barringer (Zeiss photo lenses; Zeiss Ikon cameras; Zeiss finders), Simon Worsley
(Zeiss Ikon cameras prewar), and Jack Kelly (Zeiss binoculars.) See our site for contact

Our dues are $35.00 for members in the United States, and $45.00 for foreign members. These
amounts are all payable in US Dollars.

Finally, we are always happy to answer questions and to discuss the many facets of Zeiss. Please  feel free to visit
THE ZEISS HISTORICA SITE  for further information or to contact a member.

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