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About LUC

This is the Leica User Collectors (LUC) mailing list for ALL Leica cameras, for users and collectors alike.

This includes Leica Rangefinders (Screw Mount or Leica M), Leica SLRs, Leica Point & Shoots, Leica Digital cameras, and every camera with a Leica name plate, even if not made by Leica.

It is list policy to protect your privacy.  List membership is only visible to the list owner.   Archived messages are readable only by list members.  The list subscriber list will not be sold, nor shared, nor will SPAM be added to list messages. 

LUC was started March 11, 2001 on Topica and transferred April 4th 2004 to CameraQuest.org

Thanks for Joining!

Stephen Gandy

List Guidelines
  • Flaming and uncivil behavior on the list is strongly discouraged.  Flame posts will get you removed from the list.   Spirited discussion is strongly encouraged, but be nice to each other. 

  • Please stay on topic with manual focus SLRS and photography related posts.   Save discussion for such topics as hats, underwear, war crimes, religion, etc for your private email, instead of uselessly cluttering the inboxes of  List  members who subscribed for ON topic discussions. 

  • Email diarrhea: Some lists are occasionally "attacked" by overzealous members who think they must respond to practically every post.  Please limit your postings to no more than five per day.  

  • Witty replies: Some lists have members under the delusion that everyone subscribed to read their often ill conceived attempts at humor and quick repartee.   Please save smart-ass replies for private email, or the stage if you really are a comedian. 

  • Selling and Buying: Private sellers or buyers may post their ads any day, but limit your ads to once per week.   Dealer for sale or buying posts of any kind of ads are not allowed,   a standard which I will also follow.   If you have questions about something for sale or wanted, email the person privately instead of posting your question to the list.

  • SPAM Software: Subscribers with anti-SPAM software may NOT require each list poster to authenticate a message.  IF you can't simply authenticate the list, get new anti-SPAM software, or find another mailing list.

  • People removed for not following list guidelines may also be removed from other CameraQuest lists.  People booted off are generally not given warnings, the logic being that if subscribers don't take the time to read and follow the list guidelines, the list administrator's time is better spent elsewhere. 

Subscribing to LUC
Visit http://CameraQuest.org/mailman/listinfo/LUC for more info to subscribe.  Make sure cookies on your browser are enabled, as well as on security software if you are using it.    You will create your own password, and then simply hit reply to the confirmation email to confirm your subscription.   You will be sent a monthly email reminder of subscriber options.
Using LUC
After you are subscribed, to post a message to all the list members send email to  LUC@CameraQuest.org

You can set your list preferences as well as search the archives from http://CameraQuest.org/mailman/listinfo/LUC

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