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Garry Winogrand's Leica M4


This camera is a one of a kind in the entire universe.   It is the last M4 owned by famous Leica photographer Garry Winogrand.  

As you can see, it is slightly used.  I understand he took pictures, lots and lots of them.   I am told Mrs. Winogrand  had very strong feelings that her husband's camera should be continued to used after his death.  She sold it to a family friend, who continues to shoot  it to this day.   Look at the front and back of the advance side top plate, where the chrome is worn away by the grip of Winogrand's index and thumb.  hmm.  I get the impression he liked this camera, but he liked shooting pics even more.




OK collectors, sit down and take a deep breath before reading this.  Before Winogrand's M4  was loaned to me to photograph, the present owner was actually walking around taking pics, mounting a 50/1 Noctilux.    True story, believe it or not.  Some people wouldn't know a collectible if it bit them on their Dektol. 

I've never seen the image of film worn into a pressure plate before,  he may have used it too much......nah...


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