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About Early 35's

Early 35's Mailing List

This is a mailing list for ALL makes of Pre-1950  35mm still cameras, any 35mm format,  for BOTH users and collectors (Early35s), whether fixed or interchangeable lens, whether single or stereo lensed, whether viewfinder or SLR.    The early developments in 35 are often  overlooked or forgotten, perhaps this list can encourage appreciation of the history of 35.

I started this list primarily as a result of my interest in PRE-LEICA 35's, but then I realized the info is so hard to find, not to mention the cameras, that I should include all pre-W.W.II 35's -- otherwise this list might have a membership of one.

The more famous 35's included in the Early 35's viewfinder are Leica, Zeiss Contax, Exakta, Argus, Ansco Memo, and Kodak Retina.   Less famous cameras covered include the English Lleo, the Tourist Multiple, Multi-Speed Simplex, the Homeos stereo, George Smith's 1912 full frame prototype, the French Sept, the Swiss made Sico, the French Le Furet, the Le Cent Vue, the Levy-Roth Minigraph, the Talbot belt camera, the British Centrum, the Kodak 00 Cartridge Premo, the French made Photo Tank, the Krauss Eka, the Esco made in Nurenberg Germany, and the Austrian made Amourette, and of course Oskar Barnack's prototypes.  Pre-1950 also includes early Nikons, Canons, Minoltas, among other early Japanese made 35's. 

Thanks to Leica's replica reproduction of the Leica O series, it is the only early 35 which can substantially be bought new as this is written, although it is somewhat pricey.    Among the least expensive,  but one of the most important early 35's,  is the American made Argus A.

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