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Drastically Improve Your AF SLR Images!

This may not work with everyone, but it should  work with the majority of photogs.  Remember this top secret photography improvement plan is copyrighted and patented by yours truly, and strictly enforced by the FBI, CIA, and the SPCA.    So, when you use this fiendishly clever method to substantially improve most of your shots, make sure you send along $5 to yours truly, for the right to use this method for that day.   After all, I deserve to be as rich as your film manufacturers and film processors.

OK Photogs, ready?   Take notes, and repeat after me:

Switch the camera from automatic to manual exposure and from Autofocus to manual focus.

Shh....don't tell anyone.   The more people  who know, the harder it will be for you to win those photo contests.

You probably think I'm kidding.   I'm not.

The sad truth is, the more decisions your camera makes, the less you think, and the more out of touch you are with your images. 

Try it and you'll  may be surprised by the marked improvement  in your photography.   Hmm.    Maybe you are smarter than your camera after all. 

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