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Kobalux 21/2.8



21/2.8 lenses in Leica screw mount are far a few between.  This is the only one I am aware of.      Unlike the 28/3.5  Kobalux, the 21/2.8  approaches Leica quality in the mid to small apertures.  This is a modern rangefinder coupled multi-coated Japanese optic which will probably outperform most examples of the 21/4 Super Angulon.   Unlike the 21/4, the Kobalux with its retrofocus design is usable with TTL metering on the M5, CL, CLE, and M6.   Produced by YK optical in Yokohama,  it was sold under a variety of names including Kobalux, Avenar, Bower and Pasoptik -- among others.    Price wise it's a bargain compared to the very expensive, albeit superb, Leica 21 Aspherical.  The 21/1.8 and 21/4 Voigtlander lenses are probably sharper.  Alas, Kobalux apparently ended production in early 2002.  

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The 21/2.8 Kobalux has 8 elements in 6 groups, f/stops from 2.8 to 22, 58mm filter size, 6 aperture blades, 7 1/2 oz, 66mm overall diameter x 48mm overall length (35mm mounted on camera), weight 7.5oz. Pictured on the CL is the 2nd version of the lens.  A 3rd version was introduced in 2001 with half click stops and slightly closer focusing .The finder is bright and overly large to the point of being embarrassing, with a 39mm diameter.  It has a projected brightline and parallax correction marks in the finder.  The corners may not be visible wearing glasses.   A better finder choice is probably the much smaller Cosina Voigtlander 21 brightline.

It's a well made lens, conveniently needing only 1/4 turn to go from infinity to the closest focusing distance of one meter.  The barrel has Depth of Field scales for 2.8, 4, 5.6, and 8 as well as an IR mark.   At F8, DOF extends from infinity to 1 meter!    

My thanks to John Maries for the pics,

Kobalux also produced a 28/3.5 lens

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