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Linhof 6x9 Field Cameras

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, info on Linhof cameras is frequently hard to find.  This page is written to help  identify 6x7 and 6x9cm Linhof field cameras  -- monorail or aero cameras are not listed.  This info is as complete as accurate as I have been able to determine, but may contain errors or omissions.

6x9 Technikas and Technika variations:   Traditionally a  Tech with a rangefinder is a "Super Technika," without a rangefinder a "Technika,"  though Linhof seems to be getting away from these designations in the 1990's.

Super Technika III and IV are almost the same camera, and covered separately in a Profile   Top mounted combined RF/VF, no front swings.  Body without RF/VF a Technika III or IV.   IV produced 1956-64    IV identifiable by a single lever lock which releases removable back

Wide Angle 65: appears based on the III body, fixed helical focused 65 wide angle, using a 4x5 variable finder, with attached flash, with a Leica MC meter.  a funny camera.  two versions: 6x7 and 70mm roll film   1960-61

Technika Press:  a Super Technika IV body with focusing helical lenses -- no bellows or front movements,  1956-63

Super Technika V 6x9   side mounted RF, looks much like the mini 4x5 Tech, has  front swings and forward tilt. Body without a RF/VF a Technika V.  Produced from 1963, also produced without the RF.  Earlier versions in creme color, late versions in black.

Technika 70: kind of a Technika V body with a large  improved top mounted combined RF/VF -- a big improvement on the previous Technika III and IV idea  1962-79


Press 70: 1963-69   strange Press camera with anatomical grips  on each side.  Working the handles forward and back advance the film and cocks the camera.  Helical focusing, no bellows or front movements, large VF/RF with automatic parallax compensation and a non-coupled selenium exposure meter.

Linhof 220:  a strange vertical 6x7 camera with combined RF/VF, match needle selenium meter, and a left hand lever which cocks the shutter and advanced the film, helical focusing.   1966 to 1982

LENSES:  Due to a reputedly high Linhof rejection rate,  the odds are that a "Linhof" labeled lens will be better than the same non Linhof labeled lens.

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