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Nikon F2 High Speed 10 FPS

Introduced at the 1978 Photokina, the F2 High Speed was the last Nikon High Speed for almost twenty years, until the F3 High Speed of 1996.  Accordingly, it was much sought after by both users and collectors.   Start with a F2 Titanium body, install a pellicle mirror, modify a MD-2 motor by adding an extra MB-1 battery pack.



F2 High Speed features include:

There are two models of  F2 High Speed:    The Model I  F2 High Speed has T&B setting on the shutter dial, a fixed Type B focusing screen, and the serial number in one line on the top plate.  Starting serial # is 7850001.   The Model II like this one has no T & B setting on the shutter dial, an interchangeable focusing screen, and has two lines of engraving for the top plate

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ANY SLR pellicle mirror requires extra care.  It is especially susceptible to dust and scratches.  If it needs cleaning, do yourself a BIG favor, take it to a repairman.   With the mirror in the image path, the lens resolution is also slightly reduced, though many users have reported no noticeable difference.

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Note the motor strap lugs on the MD-100, which the MD-2 does not have.  The MD-100 has black painted Titanium covers like the High Speed, and is noticeably larger and heavier than the MD-2.  To the far right are the matched body and motor numbers painted inside the back door.


  With fully charged Nicad batteries, the MD-100 can be used as follows:

Setting H M3 M2 M1 L
Shutter Speed 1/250-1/1000 1/125-1/1000 1/60-1/1000 1/60-1/1000 1/30-1/1000
Aprox FPS 10 7.5 6 3.5 3

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The motor speeds indicate the lowest shutter speeds usable in green.  Note the extra large and convenient former DOF preview, now the BVF (Bright Viewing and Focusing) preview button on the F2 High Speed.


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The MD-100 can be detached, turning the High Speed into a lightweight manual advance camera.  Likewise, the F2 High Speed can use any of the Photomic Metering heads, and will also mount  other F2 motors.  Shown is a  F2AS High Speed MD-2 combination.    Too  bad the F4 and F5 don't have removable motors.

Could a talented  repair technician  make an inexpensive  High Speed by modifying a standard F2 by adding a Pellicle mirror, and modifying a MD-2 motor by adding an extra set of batteries ??  Probably. 

Today Nikon F2 High Speeds are a real rarity,  a prize to any Nikon collection.

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