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Yashica Electro 35 CC & 35CCN   35/1.8 lens

These little cameras are a peculiar blend of features.   The best features  are  the  35/1.8 lens and excellent RF/VF.   The 35CC/CCN  are aperture priority AE compact RFs  with electronic shutter and limited manual over-ride.   You set the f/stop, the camera sets the shutter speed from 1/250 down to 8 seconds.   Produced from about 1970 to 1975, they are not common today.    The 35/1.8 lens alone makes the camera worth looking for.   The 35CC/CCN measures a compact 4 3/4" long by 3" high by 2 3/8" deep, weighing in at 18 oz.  Filter size 52mm for easy to find caps, filters, and lens shade.  Strangely enough, this camera is not in "The Collector's Guide to Japanese Cameras."   Export only??   

On the Plus Side

Shutter lock around the shutter release, very unusual in this class of camera

Easy to find 6 volt silver battery,  Eveready 544 equivalent, access on back of top plate near battery check.

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On the Negative Side

35CCN Wide

The 35CC is hard to find, the 35CCN is very hard to find. Frankly, they seem virtually identical cameras.  I have been unable to spot any differences besides the N designation on the top plate, the Wide designation on the front, a different rewind lever,  and a new serial number sequence.  Perhaps the 35 CCN had improved electronics internally...I am not sure.

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The 35 CC/CCN is a pleasure to shoot due to it's very nice RF/VF and the 35/1.8 lens (rather than the standard 40mm most compact 35 RFs have.    All the controls are conveniently where you expect them to be.  With its excellent RF, black finish, and low speed capability down to 8 seconds, I  definitely get the impression the 35 CC was intended for low light shooting.  See you on Bourbon St.

They really don't make cameras like this any more.  Fixed lens rangefinders with fast 35 lenses are a thing of the past.  Too bad.  To put the Electro 35 CC/CCN  in perspective, if you want to buy a NEW  35 Rangefinder with built in meter and faster than 35/2 lens, for years your ONLY choice was a $3500 plus Leica M body and the $3500 plus 35/1.4 Aspherical Summilux.     Hmm.  $7000 for the Leica, or about $150 for the 35 CC.  Hmm.   the Leica or the Yashica and a month in Barbados -----  tough choice. 

Well, the ONLY choice comparison used to be true, anyway.   In August 1999 Voigtlander became part of this Barbados comparison with the introduction of their 35/1.7 Aspherical Ultron in August 1999 -- when coupled with their Bessa R or Bessa T.  oh well.

The Yashica brochure refers to the "Advantage of Yashica Electro Power" with "IC brain."  Wow.

A variation of the 35CC is the less expensive but similar in appearance Yashica Electro 35 FC sporting a 40/2.8 lens instead of the 35/1.8 on the 35CC.



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