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Leica M Motors -- Why Bother?

Early M motors for the M2 and M4 share 3 common traits: rarity, high prices, and unreliability.    A mint M4-MOT motor can sell for $4000 or more, the later used M winders for $500 or less.  The early M2 and M4 motors are best left to collectors, not  users.

Admirably Leica started offering out of the back motor capability starting with the M4-2 and all later M's.   The motor also means hardened gears, which some people translate into a not as smooth advance stroke.   Admittedly this observation is rather picky,  most users have a hard time telling any difference.   Unfortunately,  none of these motors have proved best sellers or highly popular.  hmm.   If you want to find out why, try it.   Sorry, but smooth easy working motors these are not.   IF you want a great detachable motor, shoot Nikon, not Leica.    In the 50's Leica introduced the Leicavit MP, a bottom trigger wind device which could be used on the MP and M2.   Today they are expensive collector's items, but the idea lives on in the Canadian made Rapidwinder.   Many experienced shooters consider the best M motor choice to be the Rapidwinder trigger winder made by Tom Abrahamsson at Rapidwinder.com.

On a personal basis, I just don't believe any of the Leica M4-2/MP/M6/M7 motors measure up overall to the quality of the M camera.  I think this explains the popularity of the Rapidwinder trigger winder with many experienced M shooters.  For more Rapidwinder info, visit Rapidwinder.com.    Another alternative is the Konica Hexar RF with it's built in motor.  

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