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Nikon S2 Black Dial Rangefinder Prototype?


The Black Dial S2 starts at serial number 6180000 according to Rotoloni's "Nikon Rangefinder Camera."  This camera is number 6179532 and sports a curious mix of black dial and chrome dial features.

  The focusing helical is chrome, like the chrome dial S2's.  Yet the Synchro dial around the rewind knob, the shutter dials, and the frame counter are black, like the later black dial S2's.




Closer examination shows the high and low speed shutter dials and the frame counter  to be painted black over chrome parts. The edges of the high speed dial does not have the rim of the later black dial versions. 

The painting is very well done, professionally it appears to me.

I am not really sure if this is a prototype as I suspect, or just a well done conversion many years ago.   It will be interesting to see if similar S2's turn up in this serial number range. 


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