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Tom Abrahamsson's Uncollectibles

TAgrp2.jpg (1512643 bytes)

Tom Abrahamsson is proud he is not a collector.  Everything is for shooting.  Since he is not a collector, he does not have a collection.    These are some of Tom's uncollectibles.  With his background as a   professional photo journalist, industrial designer, and RapidWinder inventor, Tom's very active imagination has occasionally brought forth a few modifications.   Also visit  add on rewind levers for M3/2.


3fBl2.jpg (987759 bytes)  Bl35VF.jpg (985017 bytes)

black paint Leica IIIf red dial, with black paint 35/3.5 Summaron and 35 Brightline finder

M2Bor1.jpg (1228531 bytes)

one of the many black paint M2's originally issued to Tom when he worked for a Swedish newspaper in the 60's -- at a cost to the newspaper of about $250, attached to a M2 Rapidwinder

M2ht1.jpg (943344 bytes)

Leica M2 repainted in grey hammer tone, with matching hammer tone Rapidwinder

M4PH1.jpg (1304340 bytes)

allowing himself to be caught up in the excitement of wondering what Solms will commemorate next, Tom could wait no longer for his very own Jerry Garcia Purple Haze M4 Commemorative

M6lhsaSw1.jpg (1016392 bytes)

mounted on a shooter M6 LHSA .72 black paint  is a 50/1.9 Alpa Macro Switar, adapted to Leica M mount WITH rangefinder coupling

NRFSbl1a.jpg (1232469 bytes)

black paint Nikon S with black paint 35/3.5 Nikkor

MPTA1.jpg (1607508 bytes)

Tom's custom made Black MP with black paint rigid 50/2 Summicron

MPTA2.jpg (1220148 bytes)

Eyeball1.jpg (1169156 bytes)

custom Eyeball finder

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