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Can't find a Nikon M?

  Check the trash!   One person's trash is another's treasure!

Once upon a time, in a place far far away, there was a man named Tim.  Tim's wife collected cameras, Kodak and Brownies to be exact.   Tim added to her collection whenever he could, which was fairly often.   Tim was a sanitation engineer, which means he drove a trash truck.  One fine day Tim found a cheap looking black plastic camera bag in the trash dumpster.  Without bothering to open it since he was on the job, he just threw it in cab, to deliver to his wife that evening.   That night, Tim and his wife were surprised to find a camera he had never seen before, a funny looking old Nikon.     

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Tim's find included:

  • An unsynced Nikon M with collapsible 50/2 Nikkor, complete with cap and case

  • M Variframe viewfinder, complete with case

  • 135/4 Nikkor, complete with caps, shade, case

  • Push on Yellow filter with case

  • Inspection certificates for the camera and lens

  • Nikon One Instruction booklet

Oh yes, all were in Mint- condition.   Geez, I guess that is one way to collect Nikon.      IF it's not mint, throw it out!

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No, I did not make this up.  By the way, if anyone out there likes the camera bag, just check the trash.


Voigtlander Nikon/Contax Rangefinder Cameras and Lenses

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Voigtlander VC Meter II small compact silicon meter with LED readout for Nikon Rangefinders

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