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Petri Lens for Nikon Rangefinder


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As great as Nikon's reputation was for its rangefinder lenses, they did have one problem: cost.  A number of independent manufacturers made lower cost wide angles and telephotos for the Japanese home market.  So far as I know, none made lower cost normal lenses, however.  So it would seem there was a window of merchandising opportunity, for say, a smaller manufacturer like Petri.  Behold what is obviously a hand made 45/2.8 Petri Orikkor in Nikon Rangefinder mount.

DSCN0565.jpg (760340 bytes)

Why "obviously" hand made?  Well for starters, the aperture ring says f/2 though this is a f/2.8 lens.  The aperture ring does not have a marked index for the selected f/stop.  The mount of the lens slides up and down on the barrel about 11mm.  Without testing it on a camera, I am not sure where the mount should be.  All of these negatives out of the way, it is a very well machined mount, barrel, and conversion.

I have no way of knowing if this is the product of some talented machinist, or a Petri prototype for a possible new product line.  It does bring up vision of interesting advertising slogans, though.  Hmm.  If you put a Petri lens on a Nikon, does it become a "Pikon" or "Petkon?"

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