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The Wonderful Shibata Calendars

My friend Mr. Shibata Mitsuo is a very talented and famous Japanese photographer.  He is also a very serious Nikon collector. In cooperation with Nikon, he photographed and produced two amazingly beautiful 1999 calendars, one of classic cameras and one of Nikon only.     Only 1000 of each were made, and both very quickly sold out, becoming instant collectibles.     They are color pages of the highest quality, very suitable for framing, measuring 24" by 16 1/2".   Each month is a different classic camera, with shots taken by that camera.  With Shibata's talent, the results are often startling.

The Nikon Calendar consists of

  • Nikon S2 and 50/1.1

  • Nikonos II

  • Nikon F with 105/4

  • Nikon Auto 35

  • Nikon SP with Reflex Housing and 180/2.5

  • Nikon Sky Camera  (120 format, fisheye lens)

  • Nikon S3M with motor and 35/3.5

  • Nikon F with motor and 21/4

  • Nikon S with 50/1.4

  • Nikon F2 and 2000/11

  • Nikon F2H High Speed and 300/4.5

  • Nikon FTN and 6/2.8

The shots are magnificent.  He has given me his permission to post them on this website, but he must also get Nikon's permission before I do so.      I hope they agree.

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