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Nikon SP Brightline Illuminator

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Towards the end of the 50's, Nikon brought out a unique, very useful accessory which has not yet been duplicated. 

The Nikon SP Brightline Illuminator   consists basically of a grain size bulb, AA battery and battery holder, and mounting bracket for the SP's accessory shoe. Once turned on, its little light illuminates the SP's Brightline framelines in dim light.   It works great and makes photographing in lower light levels much much easier.  The Illuminator works only fits the SP.

Note switch, accessory shoe, the special case that the illuminator is sitting on, and the accessory shoe built into the top mount of the illuminator for a flash.   The Illuminator is made of shiny black Bakelite.   

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Here is a close up shot of the bulb turned on.   On the camera, it fits directly in  front of the frame illumination window.

The Illuminator fits into the camera's accessory shoe from the front.  The shiny black Bakelite battery case hangs in front of the camera, looking kind of like a little scuba tank from outer space. Turn the switch on the front, and it illuminates your camera's brightlines even in total darkness.  A great idea.

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