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Rectangular LH-1 Lens Hood

for Voigtlander Screw mount 21/4, 25/4 , 28/3.5 and Voigtlander 21/4P and 25/4 P Leica M mount lenses

Discontinued Hard to Find

Order Here When Available

21SH6.jpg (534261 bytes)

In September 2001 Cosina Voigtlander introduced a new rectangular metal shade for their 21/4 Color Skopar in Leica mount.  It will also fit the 25/4 and 28/3.5 Color Skopars in Leica mount, but not the 21/4 SC Skopar in Nikon Rangefinder mount.    I haven't done any tests of the standard round shade Vs the new much larger rectangular shade, but it stands to reason this much larger shade with its stepped interior will be additional flare protection.   If you like to shoot against the light, or with bright light sources outside of your frame, this may well be worth a look.

21SH2.jpg (528065 bytes) 21SH5.jpg (698614 bytes)

Although the hood is wide enough for 21, it will also fit the 25/4 and 28/3.5.  


21SH4.jpg (406477 bytes)

Due to the female threads on this shade which fit the external male threads on the Voigtlander 21/4, 25/4, and 28/3.5 Leica Screw mount Voigtlander lenses, and the M mount 21/4P and 25/4 P. 

The LH-1 will fit ONLY these lenses, NOT the same Voigtlander lenses in Nikon Rangefinder mount, nor any Leica made lenses.

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